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Earn more accounts, increase vend rates, and make laundry rooms more productive by delivering unprecedented convenience to dorm and apartment residents. Deliver machine reservations, seamless mobile payments, laundry alerts, and so much more.

Fully Integrated & Connected

We connect your business to machines, employees, and residents through the Washlava platform and provide the tools needed to ditch quarters, automate your business, and earn more accounts.

Ditch Quarters

  • Inexpensive and highly scalable
  • Seamless mobile payments
  • Customer ID and database
  • Demand-based pricing

Your Route

  • Real time performance analytics
  • Remote machine monitoring + control
  • Increased equipment utilization
  • Automated machine load balancing

Grow Fast

  • Win more accounts
  • Earn higher revenue per machine
  • Increased cycles per day

Laundry Management Made Easy

Eliminate friction and get paid fast.

We make mobile payments seamless and simple. Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express all for one low rate, with no surprise fees. See deposits in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Powerful tools to run your laundry.

Access your store’s performance in real-time data through the owner portal. See machine productivity analytics, store analytics, machine error codes, and more. Plus, apply instant customer refunds and manage employees through the attendant app.

More than just mobile payments.

Being part of a laundry network has major perks. We provide 24/7 support to owners and end users, help you make more informed business decisions based on real data, and provide you with access to funds to grow your business.

We drive revenue, not cost.

Increasing resident convenience earns you higher vend rates and higher user satisfaction. Provide a laundry solution that’s consistent with how people wash and see your accounts and your vend rates grow.

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“The students absolutely love it. Washlava has been a wonderful addition to give us an innovative edge and a simple, helpful solution for residents.”

Hannah Frei, Coordinator, University Housing Residence Life at University of Florida

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