Simple Laundry Tricks to Teach Kids

We love this article shared by Clean Mama on how to involve your kiddos in the laundry day process. She had so much great advice we had to share with our #WashSquad here. Visit here for the full article and more gems by her!

  • Give each kid their own laundry basket that stays in their bedroom. Then there isn’t any sorting to see whose clothes are whose.  One basket, one kid, one machine – easy!
  • No sorting through the clothes and separating whites from colors – new outfits go straight into the wash by themselves on COLD to set the color.  The author of the article shares that she has been doing this for years and hasn’t had clothes died pink or otherwise! She does separate her and her husband’s clothes.
  • The author washes the kids clothes on COLD and rinse on COLD and she use this laundry powder and white vinegar for softener (this also helps keep clothes colorfast) and wool dryer balls to keep the static away.

Here’s a process for sorting, folding, hanging and putting clothes away.  Having your littles a part of the laundry process is a really easy way to inactively teach them how to do their own clothes.When they are old enough to manage the process, they already know what to do and just need some guidance.  It’s a win-win!

  • Start with taking the clothes out of the laundry basket – as you take them out separate them out into piles – socks, undies, shirts that are hung up, pants, shorts, skirts, etc.  Lay them out on a clean floor, bed, or table.
  • Once they’re all separated out, start by hanging up your shirts.  We use this method:
  1. Grab your hangers – have them all facing the same way (it’s easier to quickly hang the clothes this way)
  2. Put a hanger on the first item on top of the stack
  3. Fold the hanger over so it’s still on the stack but not hung up
  4. Keep going until everything in the stack is on a hanger
  5. Hang up the stack
  • Fold pants, jeans, t-shirts and anything else that needs to be folded.

Once you have everything folded or hung, put it away!  That’s it – a method to help tame the madness that is laundry!