Trips to laundromats don’t have to be a hassle! While we think our store is a great place to hang out, we might just be biased… Either way, we have compiled a set of tips to help you make your laundry day hassle free.


8 Ways to Make Laundry Day Hassle Free


1. Download the Washlava App.  To visit our Carrollwood store, you will need to download our free app in the iTunes or Google Play store. Add a payment method (credit card, debit card, or prepaid card) and you’re ready to go. Plus if you have it ahead of time, you can reserve up to 3 machines for 10 minutes.
If you are visiting another laundromat without Washlava, prepare whatever payment method you need before packing up.


2. Sort BEFORE you go.  Speed up your time at the store by coming ready with pre-sorted loads. That way you can choose the machines you need, drop your light colors in one and dark colors in another, and get on with your day!


3. Pretreat stains beforehand.  This also speeds up your time! Plus, it’s one less thing to lug to the store. We always like to keep a small stain treater in my laundry bag, just in case one pops up.  Keep laundry day easy!


4. Choose an off hour.  Picking a non-peak hour will let you take a whole row of machines without any guilt! At our Carrollwood store, off times are during the day Monday-Fridays. Can’t make weekdays work? Try after dinner on weekdays. If avoiding crowds is your goal, steer clear of weekends!


5. Take the time to wipe out the washers and dryers before you use them.  If you are a germaphobe, this a great way to get piece of mind. At our Carrollwood store, we have attendants and a cleaning staff who daily clean and service the machines. Whatever puts your mind at ease is the most important.


6. Bring a bag for your clean clothes. Laundry baskets are welcomed and encouraged. But we all know how quickly Florida rain can strike. Having a bag to protect your clothes against the elements will prevent a surprise attack from Mother Nature ruining all the money you just spent.


7. Pack hangers for line dry items. Certain clothes just aren’t made for dryers. A simple solution is bringing a couple hangers from home to hang clothes. They will start to dry while the rest of the clothes are in the dryer. It keeps your clothes in tip-top shape and is an easy transition to the closet when you get home.


8. Remember to check all of the settings.  Check that the temperature and the cycle you selected is actually what you want before hitting start! There’s no going back once the water is going, short of switching machines.


Just hate doing laundry, even with these tips? Try our wash dry fold service! Drop off any time in our secure laundry chute and we will call you when your clothes are done. Laundry day just got even easier.

Special thanks to Mavis Butterfield who wrote this article on 10 Tips for Washing Clothes at a Laundromat. Some of the points were quoted in this article as they related to our tips and our store.