Our Vision of Laundry.

Washlava was created with the vision of a retail laundry experience that introduces the Internet of things to laundry equipment. No quarters, no waiting, and no hassle.

We call it, Laundry. Reloaded.

Our Story

Like many great stories, Washlava was born out of necessity. Our story is not unique: our Tampa laundromat was 100 percent dependent on quarters and cash, and installing credit card readers was prohibitively expensive. But when our store was robbed and thousands of dollars in quarters were strewn across the parking lot, we decided to do something. All that change had to change.

More Than Just a Cash Problem

When we looked at switching the business from quarters and cash, we realized that cash wasn’t the only problem that needed solving. We wanted to be able to manage and grow our business using cutting edge technologies found in other applications. And more importantly, we knew our customers deserved a better, safer, more convenient experience. To do that, we needed to build more than just a payment platform. We needed to build app-enabled Internet of Things technology that our customers could use to control laundry equipment and manage their laundry experience.

Our Culture

We’re a team of innovators, dreamers, thinkers, and doers. We’re committed to innovation – not for innovation’s sake, but to create a better laundry experience through technology. And not just for the thousands of laundry professionals, but for the 19 million families who depend on self-service laundry for clean clothes.

Meet the Team

Todd Belveal


  • Real Title: Founder & CEO
  • Also Known As: The Idea Guy
  • Before Washlava: Held leadership positions at Accenture, Kurt Salmon Associates, and Tiffany & Co. In 2012, Todd co-founded his first startup Silvercar, a mobile-enabled car rental startup that moved the entire car rental process to the smartphone, from booking and paying for a rental to unlocking the car itself.
  • Dream Team Stat: After spearheading Silvercar’s push to bring cashless payment systems and mobile-enabled solution to the car rental industry, Todd has set his sights on doing the same for laundry.

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Nick Pournader


  • Real Title: COO
  • Also Known As: Polymath Sage
  • Before Washlava: Founded Pournader & Company, a high-performance consulting firm. He also co-founded Cobalt Talon, and held leadership positions at Grant & Eisenhofer, Oracle, and SunGard. At the age of 25, he was SVP of SunGard, where he created and launched the first cloud-based enterprise software offering to serve some of the largest energy companies in the U.S.
  • Dream Team Stat: Was Senior Vice President at Oracle, a Fortune 500 company, at the age of 28.

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Dexter Weiss


  • Real Title: CTO
  • Also Known As: Leader of the Nerds
  • Before Washlava: Founded a digital product agency, Peppered Software, where he helped startups and fortune 500 companies design, build and deploy technology.
  • Dream Team Stat: Designed and engineered technology for companies including AT&T, Dell, Fox, and Whole Foods Market. His work has been featured by Apple worldwide.

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