4 Reasons Why Audi’s Purchase of Silvercar is Great for Washlava

10 years ago, Washlava’s founder and CEO, Todd Belveal, had a bad rental car experience and decided to do something about it. That “something” was Silvercar, a mobile-enabled car rental company that delivers a consistently great rental experience in a silver Audi A4. The company was funded in 2012 and five years later, is getting acquired by Audi.

The purchase of Silvercar is more than just a great achievement for our CEO, it’s great for Washlava. Here are the top 4 reasons Silvercar’s purchase gives Washlava serious street cred.

  1. Our founder knows how to build a successful mobile technology company in an antiquated industry and has done it before.
  2. Silvercar makes money being the most loved rental car company in history and Washlava is following in its footsteps.
  3. While Washlava and Silvercar are in completely different industries, they follow similar paths by creating reliability where there historically wasn’t any, and delivering a consistently great experience through cutting-edge mobile technologies.
  4. Most importantly, Audi’s purchase of Silvercar signals that if you build something great for customers, it becomes valuable.

More Thoughts

While some perceive the laundry industry as a niche market, we think much bigger than that. We see Washlava as an opportunity to grow an antiquated category and deliver value and convenience to the 20 million households who already depend on self-service laundry for clean clothes. We are creating a credible alternative to doing laundry at home.

Approximately 80 percent of laundromats are still completely coin operated, forcing customers to pay 1 quarter at a time. At $5, $7, and even $11 a load, that becomes a lot of quarters! To compound the quarter problem, customers have no way to see if machines are available, reserve a machine, monitor laundry cycles, or communicate with a store. Between the quarters, the waiting, and the lack of consistency, doing laundry outside the home becomes a hassle.

Like car rentals, the laundry industry hasn’t changed since its inception. It’s stuck where it has always been, and like Silvercar, Washlava knows exactly how to solve it.

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