Smart Campus Laundry Solutions for

Student Housing.

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Your Competitive Edge

Washlava brings technology and innovation right to the heart of student housing. Our next-gen laundry experience brings a fully-integrated solution that supports your campus’s innovation objectives.

Multiple Solutions in a Single App

Our full service campus laundry solution replaces the need for multiple vendors and offerings and provides a central, cohesive tool to solve all your laundry needs.

Payment Solution

  • Seamless mobile payment
  • Student ID card integration
  • Instant price change abilities – vend & free vend
  • Payment tokenization for secure transactions

Machine Monitoring

  • 5 minute machine reservations
  • Real-time performance analytics
  • Remote machine monitoring and control
  • Accessible anytime by authorized staff

24/7 Support

  • 24/7 support for both students & staff
  • Seamless electronic refunds
  • Remote starts, resets and disabling machines

Perfect Your Campus Laundry Solution.

Successful Campus Laundry Launches

98% student approval rating and rave reviews during Washlava’s launch at the University of Florida’s Infinity Hall where our initial beta test was extended based on student’s requests!

Powerful Tools Keep You In The Know

How long is it usually before you are notified a machine is down? Our remote-monitoring lets you access each dorms’s activity in real-time. You can see machine productivityas well as start and reset machines.

More Than just Mobile Payments

Washlava’s end-to-end experience is unlike any other – that’s because we know mobile and we’re more than just a laundry payment system. Unparalleled convenience, more efficient laundry rooms, and 24/7 support for all.

Campus-Specific Features

Instant price change and method of payment change abilities, student ID card integration and short machine reservations make Washlava the best choice for campus laundry solutions.

University of Florida Beta Test

How the App Works

See What Others Have to Say

“It is very convenient and the notifications and reservations keeps the laundry going and helps avoid people leaving laundry in the machine and forcing others to wait.”

Terry Peppers, Infinity Hall RA, University of Florida

“The students absolutely love it. Washlava has been a wonderful addition to give us an innovative edge and a simple, helpful solution for residents.”

Hannah Frei, Coordinator, University Housing Residence Life at University of Florida

“Genius. A laundry app that’s actually consistent with today’s technology.”

Nicolas D., Infinity Hall Resident, University of Florida

Cycle up With Washlava

We know you don’t want to be the last in student housing using old campus laundry systems and technology.