As we ALL plan for the future, campuses opening in the fall are putting their creativity to work to implement measures to keep students safe and healthy. Such measures as social distancing, face coverings and other new measures will be mandatory, making operations of a shared living environment particularly tricky. And to make things even more complicated, campus social distancing guidelines can vary dependent on campus size, state guidelines and other factors.

There are questions we are asking ourselves and more importantly, you should be asking to your providers that you trust to deliver what is needed to help run your campus.

  • How do we better enable campuses to meet these requirements?
  • What options are available to implement now as we begin to prepare for the fall term?

Campus Laundry During Social Distancing

Social distancing practices have been essential in keeping us healthy. Laundry facilities and services are a necessary part of campus living and should be considered when planning for this new reality. And more so, laundry rooms on campus tend to be busier during peak times of day or certain days of the week. It’s easy to say “students need to spread out their laundry,” but how? Solutions for reducing traffic in campus laundry rooms should not be overlooked. The logical solution for traffic reduction is assigned times and reservations.

Washlava offers students the ability to easily reserve machines ahead of time through the Washlava app. This patent approved reservation technology is only offered by Washlava.

Washlava’s Reservation Solution

Washlava is the ONLY provider to offer a fully integrated laundry platform with the patented technology to allow student to RESERVE washers and dryers BEFORE going to the laundry room.

It’s easy for students AND administrators to see and control traffic and movements in campus laundry facilities.

  • For students, they simply have to visit the app and reserve a machine ahead of visiting the laundry room. This alleviates students visiting a laundry room only to find there are not available machines or too many students in the laundry room.
  • For administrators, you can set the amount of time you feel is appropriate for reservations. Additionally, you have the ability to communicate to students in regard to laundry procedures through a variety of channels to reach them immediately via the Washlava platform, such as texts, emails and in app messages,

About Washlava

Washlava is the laundry experience that lets customers reserve and pay for machines from their smartphones.

Washlava is revolutionizing the campus laundry system by demanding higher accountability for the products and services we deliver to our customers. We are not here to be the same as what you currently have today. Our mission is to elevate the expectations with the campuses we serve and others we look to serve in the future. The Washlava app along with our “Puck” (the central hub of communications) is what enables our machines to take the reservations. The Puck turns a different color to identify it is in reservation mode. The campus can set the duration of the reservation.

Washlava Highlights:

  • A company committed to delivering an elevated laundry experience
  • A platform which makes social distancing a REALITY
  • A service model that never sleeps

Washlava provides students with the tools and resource to starts the Fall semester off in a safe and healthy environment And parents have the reassurance whether it is their first day on campus or a returning class, their children are in the best of care.