Whether your favorite chucks got a little muddy, or your kids have some how managed to dirty their new school shoes already – we’ve got the fix! 

With thanks to Annette Belnap at Tips From A Typical Mom, we have the perfect way to get those shoes so fresh and so clean again.  You can find her full article here.

How To Keep Sneakers Clean: 

1. Squirt the shoes with Shout. I really think the Shout Advanced Action Cleaning Gel works the best. If you have a spot that really looks like it might stain, squirt some Shout on it and scrub it with the soft side of the sponge to work the Shout into it.

2. Remove the laces and put them in a pillow case.

3. Set the washing machine to delicates and warm water. Start the washing machine and add a scoopful of soap to the running water.

4. Add at least 3 towels, the pillow case with your laces in it, then add your shoes and a few more towels on top.

5. Wash on a normal wash cycle.

Remove the shoes and the laces and them them air dry. Dry the towels in the dryer.

You’re done!

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