The Washlava Model

Washlava is revolutionizing the $6 Billion laundry industry through app-based technology. An industry that remains mired in the past, lacking efficiencies for users and business managers is primed for a disruption. 

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Washlava is changing the industry with an entire end-to-end package that differentiates the experience for consumers and deploys a business model that can operate at scale. We have developed a breakthrough software technology platform that solves the structural challenges of the laundromat industry. Our one-of-a-kind application allows consumers to reserve machines and pay using their smartphone. The software improves the consumer experience by reducing time-hassle economics of waiting to do laundry and the age-old process of paying with quarters. The same software reduces the capital costs and eliminates the operating expenses of managers, as well as coin and card payment processing. With a competitive landscape that is characterized by slow moving OEMs, a wide-open brand space for a market leader to emerge, and a working technology platform that optimizes location productivity, Washlava is set to scale.

Our Patent Approved Technology

Our patents describe three main areas focusing on how our machine control system operates – both hardware and software, communication, wireless networking, automation and user interfaces. Our main objective behind patent protection was to discourage other startups, and no competitive system has emerged – Washlava remains the first mover. This protection allows Washlava, and only Washlava, to enable a paradigm shift by applying IoT principles to shared laundry facilities. 

Proven Market Results

One in six, or 19 million, U.S. households do not have washers or dryers in their homes. Approximately 40 million renters, students, and urban dwellers comprise the bulk of these households. Washlava focuses in two areas of market growth: higher education and shared laundry centers. Washlava has proven our concept, gone to market and is currently expanding in markets and universities.

Shared Laundry Centers
Tampa, FL (expanding to 4 new locations in 2020)
Queens, New York

College and University Division
Monmouth University

As Seen On

Tampa Bay Busines Journal

Washlava Principals 

Todd Belveal  FOUNDER & CEO

  • Co-Founder of Silvercar (most loved rental car company in America)
  • Silvercar is in 30 markets around the US and was recently acquired by Audi
  • Previous leadership positions at Tiffany & Co. and Accenture
  • Holds degrees from Vanderbilt University and a Masters in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business

Kelly Friar  CMO

  • Previously Director of Marketing for Barbizon International, overseeing operations and marketing for over 200 U.S. markets and 5 international markets
  • Previously worked with brands and organizations such as Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue Magazine, Teen Choice Awards, University of Kentucky, University of Notre Dame, the State of Indiana, Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
  • Attended Ball State University, Bachelor of Science in Public Relations


  • Held leadership positions focused in finance, sales and growth initiates at MetLife and Aetna
  • Most recently, Pomeroy was President of Adsero Group, a benefit solutions and comprehensive special risk management company
  • Attended Florida State University and holds a Masters Degree from the Miami University’s Herbert School of Business


  • iMobile3: VP, Enterprise Payments Platform
  • Factoid: World traveler, international payments expert, spent 3 years on ExPat program in Saudi Arabia
  • College: University of Central Florida
  • Expertise: Architect of an (a) federated payment network for the Central Bank of Saudi Araba – Sadad, (b) bill pay system for the government of India – Bharat Bill Payment System, (c) of contactless payment method LoopPay which is now Samsung Pay


  • 30 years of experience in hardware design and software development
  • Expert in real-time embedded systems
  • Expert in networking protocols
  • Expert in RF design
  • Has taken multiple products through large scale production and helped multiple startups “Cross the Chasm”