Anyone who shares a living space with kids knows how difficult it can be to keep up the cleanliness of their home. Laundry organization is a perpetual battle. We’ve got a simple hack for you to simplify life and keep laundry day hassle-free.

Laundry Hack: Individual Baskets for Every Family Member


This hack is real easy!

  1. Snag the baskets already around your home, or if you need more grab some from Walmart or Amazon. This nifty 6-Pack from Amazon could be a perfect fit.
  2. Pick your favorite personalization tool. Some of our faves are:
    • Washi or Duct Tape in a unique color for each person.
    • Vinyl stickers made with a Silhouette or other cutouts from a Cricut.
    • A sign for each person hung on the basket. Bonus: this could be a fun project to do at home with kids. A few art supplies and some construction paper to give each kid their own name tag!
    • Chalkboard signs like these ones from Amazon.
    • Use colored totes instead for a personalized color for each family member. We’re thinking some like these.
  3. Bring the newly customized laundry baskets to your laundry room or Washlava. You can simply wash and dry the entire load and place them back in the newly designed basket to give to the family member. No more sorting for you!