Fabric softener offers so many benefits to your laundry besides the fresh smells. It helps take care of the fibers to prevent wrinkles, static, stretching and fading, and even help prevent fuzz from latching on. But it can get costly real quick, especially if you have a household’s worth of laundry to complete.


Kelly Dixon, founder of Smart School House, has a fantastic technique for saving on fabric softener. We pulled an excerpt of the directions from her full post that you can find here. For her project, she used lavender fabric softener, but I’m trying this with Method’s Beach Sage fabric softener.


Make your own reusable fabric softener sponges!


For this craft, you will need:


  • Small plastic tub with lid
  • Sponges without scrubbing pads
  • Water
  • Liquid fabric softener



  1. Cut the sponges according to the size of your container.
  2. Combine about 2 cups of water with about 2 cups of liquid lavender fabric softener (use more or less depending on the size of your plastic container).

  3. Gently mix the solution with the sponges and close the container. Eventually, the sponges will absorb the mixture.

  4. To use a laundry sponge, pull a sponge out of the mixture and squeeze out the excess. Place the wet sponge in the dryer with wet clothes, and the fabric softener will do the rest! It uses a smaller amount of liquid fabric softener than if you were to dump a cap full into the wash cycle.

  5. When the laundry is dry, replace the sponge into the plastic container with the mixture! Reuse the sponge until all of the mixture is gone. You’ll have a lot of liquid fabric softener left to make a whole new batch.