Washlava Puts New Spin On Laundry – Launches the world’s second, cashless, exclusively app-enabled Laundromat in New York City; Announces integration with Dexter Equipment

Washlava makes laundry day convenient and easy for anyone paying for washers and dryers –
opens cashless, exclusively app-enabled laundromat in Astoria, NY.


Gone are the days of scrambling for quarters, losing laundry cards, waiting for washers, or forgetting when your laundry is done – now there’s an app for that.

Washlava, the laundry experience that lets you reserve and pay for machines from your smartphone, has opened the world’s second exclusively app-enabled laundromat – this time in New York’s Astoria neighborhood.

For more than sixty years, quarters have been synonymous with the $6 billion laundry industry, and more than 80 percent of the 26,000 laundromat locations in the United States are still coin operated. But with the average laundromat household spending nearly $50 dollars a month on laundry, that translates to 200 quarters each month and untold amounts of time wasted and hassle.

“We have seen truly compelling results in our Tampa flagship,” says Todd Belveal, serial entrepreneur and Washlava founder and CEO “By eliminating cash and connecting users to machines, we provide customers with a safer, faster, more convenient laundry experience. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

In addition to enabling mobile payments, the Washlava technology allows customers to find Washlava locations, see machine availability, reserve machines, get notified when their laundry is finished, get help if they need it and earn free laundry credits when they share Washlava with a friend.

The first Washlava-enabled laundromat launched in Tampa, Fla. in July 2017, and the location has nearly doubled its cycles productivity, and is seeing month over month revenue increases of more than 50 percent over the prior year.

In addition to launching in a new city, the company has expanded its compatibility to Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment.
“Dexter is a very well respected and widely-used line of laundromat equipment, and we are excited to provide that brand as an option to both our users and our operator partners,” says Belveal.

Washlava technology can be found in laundromats, on college campuses, in apartments and hotels, and is available on 5 brands of laundry equipment: LG, Huebsch, Speed Queen, and Dexter.

About Washlava
Washlava is the laundry experience that lets customers reserve and pay for machines from their smartphones. The company’s patent-pending platform manages the end to end experience for both business owners and their customers, creating a connected network of laundries that benefit from unprecedented features. Washlava was founded by Todd Belveal, co-founder of the Austin-based, mobile-enabled car rental company, Silvercar (now owned by Audi). For more information, visit washlava.com.
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