Managing laundry quarters can be a big hassle for both hotel staff and guests, prompting one Orlando-based Courtyard Marriott to ditch quarters completely and provide guests with a more convenient, connected laundry experience through the Washlava app. “We strive to provide our guests with an innovative hotel experience and Washlava’s technology helps us apply that approach to laundry,” explains Ana Zapata, Courtyard Marriott General Manager. Since November 2017, the Courtyard Marriott has provided guests with Washlava – the laundry experience that lets you reserve and pay for machines from your smartphone. To do laundry, guests download the Washlava app, create an account, link a credit or debit card to their account, and specify the machine they want to use in the app. Once they’ve started their wash, the app tells them how much time is left and alerts them when their laundry is done. For guests who prefer not to use the app, they can simply pick up the laundry room’s house phone and connect to the front desk, who can instantly activate the washer or dryer on the guest’s behalf and charge laundry to their room. “Our guests love the ease and convenience of the app and our staff really like having the option to remotely start machines for guests and charge laundry to their rooms,” says Ana. And from a revenue reporting perspective, the hotel can see and report their revenue from the DRIVE portal in real time… so no more counting quarters.