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Machine Questions

I paid for the machine and it didn’t start.

Oh suds! That’s frustrating! Please fill out the contact form below so we can work on making it right.

I paid for my cycle, picked my cycle, but now I want to change the temperature.
If you have started a washer, unfortunately the temperature cannot be changed once the start button has been pushed. Feel free to fill out the contact form below so we can try to make it right for you.
If you have started a dryer, you can simply pick the temperature you want.
I started my washer and now I’m seeing DE1 (de1, del, dEl,).
Easy fix! That error code simply means the door is not closed all the way. Give it another try!
I started the washer and now I’m seeing EFL (efL, EFL, EF1).
Oh suds! Sounds like there is a physical issue with the machine. Please use our support form below so we can help you and dispatch a service technician.

Payment Questions

I paid for the wrong machine and I’d like a refund.
It happens! Fill out our contact form below so we can help!
My payment failed because my card was compromised, I have a new one to add.

You may add a new card to your account at any time! Follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your Account Settings on your Washlava app.
  • Choose Payment Details.
  • Choose Add New Card…
  • Insert you card information through our secure processor, Stripe.

*Note: you may only have 4 cards on your account at a time. If you already have 4 cards, call us for help!

I didn’t visit Washlava, someone stole my card, I want to be refunded.

We’re so sorry that happened! The best step is to report the charge to your bank and authorities if needed. Your bank will begin the process and we will comply completely with the bank. We are not able to process a refund until we receive notice from your bank that the charge is fraudulent.

My card was charged but I should have a Refer A Friend credit.
Check out the Refer a Friend section below for help!

Refer A Friend Questions

When will I see Refer A Friend credits?

Refer a Friend credits are automatically added to your account once two things happen:

  • You share your unique referral code with a new Washlava customer.
  • Your new friend completes their first cycle, and you have completed your first cycle.
I should have a Refer a Friend credit, but my card was charged.

Our technology is smart enough to always use credits on an account before your card is charged. If your card was charged it’s possible it’s because of one of the below reasons: 

  • Your new friend misspelled the referral code.
  • Your new friend hasn’t run their first cycle.
  • You haven’t run your first cycle.
  • You have already used all your credit.
My friend forgot to add my Refer A Friend code on their Washlava app.
Oh suds! Please fill out our contact form and have you friend fill out the form as well. We will do our best to help.

Account Questions

I’d like to update part of my account information.
No problem! Navigate to your Account Details and update as needed. If you need extra assistance, fill out the contact form below for our help. If it’s sensitive information, please call us and we’ll be glad to help you in a secure manner.
I’d like to delete my account.
Well, that’s heartbreaking. We’re sad to see you go but understand circumstances change. Please fill out the contact form below to complete the process.

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