Remaining on the cutting edge of the apartment market takes hard work.
Communities strive to outfit their complexes with the newest features to attract their
residents. Avesta Communities distinguishes itself by ditching quarters and
frustrating card readers and transitioning to a connected laundry experience
through the Washlava all-inclusive app.

“Avesta looks for forward-thinking products and services that make our brand and
resident life better – and Washlava is one of those,” shares Shane Varnell, Revenue
and Utility Manager for Avesta.

Since January 2018, Avesta has begun outfitting Avesta properties with Washlava –
the laundry experience that lets you reserve and pay for machines from your
smartphone. To do laundry, residents download the Washlava app, create an
account, link a credit or debit card to their account, and specify the machine they
want to use in the app. Once they’ve started their wash, the app tells them how
much time is left and alerts them when their laundry is done. For residents without a
smartphone, they can simply check out an iPod Touch from their community office to
log into their account.

“We love the convenience of the technology, the transparency of the system – and
the confidence we have, knowing our business and residents are important to
Washlava,” says Shane.

Avesta boasts a motto of “Live Abundantly” for their communities. Washlava has
been able to deliver on this for both the residents and the company. Prior to
Washlava, one Avesta property never saw any revenue because of an unfair
contract. Washlava provided a shorter, more transparent contract, replaced the
machines and increased vend rates, enabling the property to generate laundry

The company can view and report revenue on all of their locations to see this type of
growth through the Washlava DRIVE portal. This portal reports machine
productivity, revenue, cycles per day, and allows remote machine control, without
stepping foot in the laundromat.

A switch to Washlava will not only allow provide residents with cutting edge
technology and ease of convenience, but give communities all the tools they need to
distinguish themselves and grow revenue. That is certainly a way to Live