Washlava rescues customers from bad vended laundry experiences, expands patent-pending,
app-based technology platform to Speed Queen Quantum laundry equipment.

Tampa, Fla. February 13, 2018 – Washlava, the mobile technology startup modernizing vended laundry through its patent-pending, machine-integrated technology platform and corresponding mobile application, announced today the expansion of its technology onto Speed Queen Quantum small chassis laundry equipment.

The company is creating a network of connected laundry equipment across the United States that lets customers use the Washlava app to reserve and pay for laundry in laundromats, dorms, apartments and hotels, creating a consistent, convenient laundry experience.

“Speed Queen has a long history of being a leader in vended, multi-family laundry equipment,” says Todd Belveal, Washlava founder and CEO. “As Washlava expands its technology offering within campus and apartment laundry, we are integrating our technology on reliable brands that users want.”

Speed Queen is the second Alliance Laundry Systems brand that Washlava has engineered on. The company released its product for laundromats on Huebsch laundry equipment last summer when it opened the world’s first exclusively app-enabled laundromat in Tampa, Fla.

In addition to authorizing mobile payments, the technology allows customers to find Washlava-enabled locations, see machine availability, reserve machines and receive push notifications when their laundry is finished.

In coming months, Washlava-enabled locations are launching in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco and Miami.

“One in five U.S. households do not have in-unit washers and dryers,” says Belveal. “It’s time to rethink user experiences in laundry.”

About Washlava
Washlava is the laundry experience that lets customers reserve and pay for machines from their smartphones. Washlava is transforming the self-service laundry industry through its patent-pending, smartphone-enabled technology platform and digital brand by creating a connected, convenient laundry experience for businesses and their customers. The company was founded by Todd Belveal, who previously co-founded the Austin-based, mobile-enabled car rental company, Silvercar (now owned by Audi). For more information, visit washlava.com.


For additional information and inquiries, please contact:
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Washlava CMO
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