First of 3 Patents Pending for Cashless Laundry Technology to be Issued Jan 1, 2019


TAMPA, FL – Dec 18, 2018 Washlava is pleased to announce that the company has received formal notification of intent to issue by the US Patent Office for patent No. 10,168,678. This patent, the first of its kind, covers the best of breed technology that interfaces with laundry services and facilities enabling Washlava users to reserve, pay, and control the laundry equipment from a smartphone.

“The traditional commercial laundry industry in the United States has failed to innovate and continues to do so. We’ve advanced the Washlava platform well beyond what they can achieve,” said founder and CEO, Todd Belveal. “This patent, the first of many soon to come, is an indication of not only our superior technical and engineering capabilities, but of our relentless commitment to delivering a seamless, modern, shared laundry experience for the thousands of users we serve now, and the millions to come,” he says.

In 2017, Washlava launched the world’s first exclusively smartphone-enabled laundromat with this patented technology. Since then, the company has grown to serve thousands of users across the US and Europe and proven its technology in all forms of shared-laundry markets including traditional laundromats, university campuses, multi-family housing and hotels.

This patent comes shortly after Washlava was recognized by industry giant, Electrolux, as the future of shared laundry in Asia. “We are pleased that Washlava’s scalable mobile-first laundry platform and ideas resonated the best with Chinese millennials and the judges, making them the winners among 47 entries we received from all around the world”, said Jaimohan Thampi, Head of Digital Transformation & IoT at Electrolux Asia Pacific.

With its core technology largely complete and proven, Washlava is poised to begin scaling in 2019. “This recognition of our intellectual property, and protection thereof, is positive proof of the genuine innovation inherent in Washlava’s technology,” says Belveal. “ More importantly it establishes and protects the foundation for an overdue transformation of the shared laundry services essential to tens of millions of households around the world.”


About Washlava
Washlava is the laundry experience that lets customers reserve and pay for machines from their smartphones. Washlava intends to transform the self-service laundry industry through its patent-pending, smartphone-enabled technology platform and digital brand by creating a connected, convenient laundry experience for businesses and their customers. The company was founded by Todd Belveal, who previously co-founded the Austin-based, mobile-enabled car rental company, Silvercar (now owned by Audi). For more information, visit


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