Las Vegas, Nev. June 05, 2017 – Washlava, the mobile technology startup helping laundry businesses ditch quarters and reach more customers, announced today that the first release of its patent-pending mobile application and technology platform is now available on LG Giant commercial washers and dryers.

The company’s proprietary system, designed specifically for self-service laundry, consists of a sleek mobile app, a unique LED status indicator, and integrated machine control technology that lets laundry customers reserve and pay for machines with a simple tap of the app.

“While we’re engineering for many makes and models of equipment, we released our technology on LG first because of its strong consumer brand and well-designed machines,” explains Todd Belveal, Washlava founder and CEO. “Our technology streamlines and enhances both the customer and the owner experience, and LG adds to that experience.”
Washlava’s technology gives laundry customers a consistent, convenient experience at every Washlava-enabled location, with no waiting for machines, and none of the hassle of paying with quarters or laundry cards.

Washlava also offers unprecedented advantages for businesses by creating a seamless connection between owners, customers, machines, and employees. Through the platform, businesses can engage with current customers, acquire new customers through smartphone-based refer-a-friend incentives, enable demand-based pricing, monitor and control equipment remotely, and more.

The company has been beta testing its technology at the University of Florida since Fall 2016, and the results have been compelling, with students preferring the Washlava app 12 to 1 over quarters and 7 to 1 over credit cards.
“The system has been better received than anticipated and underscores the need for customers to be able to do more than just pay through an app,” says Belveal.

To learn more, schedule a meeting with Washlava at the Clean Show.

About Washlava
Washlava is the laundry experience that lets customers reserve and pay for machines from their smartphones. Washlava intends to transform the self-service laundry industry through its patent-pending, smartphone-enabled technology platform and digital brand by creating a connected, convenient laundry experience for businesses and their customers. The company was founded by Todd Belveal, who previously co-founded the Austin-based, mobile-enabled car rental company, Silvercar (now owned by Audi). For more information, visit